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Broadview Homes has offered Manitobans affordability without compromising quality for new home buyers for the past 28 years. Whether it’s your first home purchase or an upgrade to meet your current needs, Broadview Homes’ collection of 19 award winning designs offers the perfect new home plan for you. With plans ranging from 1,202 square feet to 1,760 square feet, Broadview Homes are designed to meet your needs, your lifestyle and your budget.

Qualico’s Customer Service Advantage

Building a new home is the biggest financial commitment most of us will ever make. But beyond the monetary investment, there is also an investment of emotion. This isn’t just a house to you – it is a future of dreams and memories in the making. Understanding that is vital to superior customer service.

To some builders, a house is just a house. In today’s market, they feel as if they are in the driver’s seat and customer service can take a back seat. At Qualico, we believe the customer drives the process, and our responsibility is to ensure that the experience is a gratifying one, from start to finish.

The building of a new home is an exciting time, but we recognize that it can occasionally seem complicated and stressful. Our goal is to do everything we can to walk you through the process, respecting your time and minimizing your stress. We want to ensure that you are more than satisfied with your home building experience.

Qualico’s commitment to service does not end when you take possession of your new home. Our Warranty Department is arguably the best in Winnipeg. We have 7 full time staff members dedicated to warranty work, more than any other local builder. While we strive for perfection from the start, we know that things aren’t always perfect. Every new homeowner is encouraged to send in their Service Request Forms at 3, 6 and 12 months after occupancy.

Qualico is committed to making your building experience a rewarding one. We know that the service that we provide to our customers today will be the key to our continued success.

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